RideSharing FAQ

Who can use myCommuteSolutions.com? The Commute Solutions ridematching system was developed to allow all residents of Austin and the surrounding counties (Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson) to participate in ridesharing. Individual employers can also contact us to develop their own personalized module so that employees can locate and create carpools and vanpools.

What are the benefits of ridesharing? Carpooling & vanpooling lets you share the cost of driving; it provides you with company for your commute and saves you money. It is often the perfect solution for commuters located far from their worksite or without access to transit service. In some households ridesharing to work eliminates the need for a second car. For more information, click here for carpools

Will encouraging ridesharing reduce transit use? myCommuteSolutions.com is all about improving the travel options for commuters. Typically carpoolers & vanpoolers are those whose origin, destination or working hours are not conducive to using transit. There have been no known studies that demonstrate a correlation between a ridematching system and reduced transit use. In fact, when more options are available to commuters some may find that by ridesharing on some days they are more likely to use transit on the days they don’t rideshare. A ridematching system provides increased opportunities for ridesharing only.

Why can’t I search for rideshare partners immediately upon registering? Before registrants are permitted to search for rideshare partners, the system will send an email to validate the email addresses entered. When you receive the email you need to click on the activation link to enable the search feature.

How does myCommuteSolutions.com find rideshare matches? myCommuteSolutions.com is one of the most advanced ridematching systems in existence today. Your origin and destination are geocoded to a corresponding latitude and longitude coordinate. A ‘route’ from your origin to work is evaluated. The system will match within a user-defined distance from your origin, destination and along your route.

What if I don’t want other people to ‘find’ me in searches because I’ve found a rideshare partner or I’m not able to rideshare right now? Simply click on the “Personal Profile” button, and then uncheck the button that says ‘I am actively looking for a rideshare partner”.

What if I only want to match with people from my workplace? If you register using your work email address and leave the button checked that says “search only within my employer group” the default settings of the system will search only within your own employer group. If you uncheck this box, you will be matched with everyone in the system that is looking for a rideshare partner outside of their own specific employer.

What about car insurance? Personal or corporate vehicle insurance is dependent upon your policy. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you check with your insurance provider prior to initiating any rideshare. myCommuteSolutions.com assumes no responsibility for insurance issues.